ZOOPHARMACOGNOSY : Applied Canine Pharmacognosy

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Applied Canine Pharmacognosy is Applied Zoopharmacognosy for dogs. The word Zoopharmacognosy (zoo:animal/pharmaco:remedy/gnosy:knowing) describes the innate ability animals have for self-medicating with natural remedies in the wild. Applied Zoopharmacognosy is where we bring these natural medicines to captive or domesticated animals and allow them to select the remedy, dose and method of administration. These will be a variety of secondary plant compounds including herbs, clays, algae plus macerated and essential oils. These remedies can help with a variety of physical problems, as well as emotional and behavioural issues.

Applied Zoopharmacognosy has been studied, tested and observed for over 30 years and one of the pioneers in this field is Caroline Ingraham (www.ingraham.co.uk). I was trained by Caroline and am a fully qualified Applied Canine Pharmacognosy Practioner.  I am not a vet and do not diagnose or prescribe. The session is led by the dog, through his/her natural ability to detect the active ingredients in the remedies that they need, in order to get back into balance.

The session can take anything from 1-3 hours, depending on how many remedies your dog selects and how long the processing takes. The price remains the same, no matter the length… the session is completely led by your dog. A thorough consultation form will be completed by you in in advance. You will be in attendance at all times and will be taught how to offer remedies safely to your dog and observe reactions. Remember it is the dog that selects the amount and method of application, we can only offer.


Bentley’s has a specially set up Zoopharmacognosy room. A session here (including time in the sensory garden) costs £75 and that also includes any remedies selected on the day. If essential oils are selected, you may be given a cloth to take home with that particular oil. There will also be the opportunity to buy some remedies on the day. Other remedies can be purchased at wwwthewildhealthshop.co.uk

Further follow-up sessions (within 3 months) are £60.

Applied Canine Pharmacognosy is not a replacement for veterinary care but a complementary holistic therapy that works well alongside it.

Please contact Michele Bentley (Dip. IAZ) at bentleydogs@outlook.com to discuss further, or book a session for your dog.

Sometimes it is beneficial to combine therapies and also have a behaviour counselling session, which will work alongside the zoopharmacognosy. If you would like to do this, there will be discount, so instead of £150 for both, it would be £130.