Holistic Dog Grooming

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At Bentley’s, grooming takes place in the state-of-the-art “stable salon”. Only one dog is present at a time (unless you wish to bring two dogs from the same household for a double session). Grooming products are from the “Wild Wash” and “Fuzz Yard Natural” ranges and are predominantly organic but always natural, so no nasty chemicals. Michele has developed a calm and gentle grooming method, (based on her extensive training in canine behaviour and body language) which helps puppies have a positive experience and nervous dogs relax. The hydrobath is especially good for the seniors or any dog with aches and pains! All-in-all, we offer a bespoke, relaxed groom for your dog in a wonderful, peaceful environment. As an added bonus, you and your dog can enjoy a private session/walk in the sensory enrichment garden before the groom. Puppies on their first groom will be taken for a short “scratch and sniff” walk in the garden (on lead), so that they can enjoy the environment whilst we have a chat (weather permitting). It always help to start sessions in a calm frame of mind! For the most comfortable and relaxed grooming session, it is best if the dog has not eaten for a couple of hours beforehand and has not been heavily exercised (otherwise high adrenaline levels will make it difficult for the dog to relax and be still when needed). A gentle walk, where they have time to relieve themselves and have some quality sniffing, is ideal.