Sensory Enrichment Garden

Image for Sensory Enrichment Garden

Our sensory enrichment garden is a wonderful place for dogs to explore and use the environment. It is part of a safe and secure level paddock, exclusively for the use of dogs. It is an ever-growing project, with a living willow tunnel, herbs and plants for self selection by the dogs, a pool to cool down or splash in and a sandpit in which to hide interesting treasures!  There is a “Mow Maze” (with paths weaving through the long grass) for scent exploration and with notice, a “Treat Tree” can be created for your dog to discover and enjoy.  The  paddock/garden is over an acre and can be hired for private sessions half-hourly, hourly or for appropriate day events. It is a great area for dogs that prefer their own space and those who need to be exercised safely, without fear of other dogs, people or livestock appearing unexpectedly. There is free parking on site and access to fresh water. Sessions can be booked by phone or email.

 Up to 1 hour session:  £7

I also offer a private session with you and your dog, to teach you both scent games/tracking or free search. These are ways to switch on the nose and exercise the brain (as well as the body). Great ways to stimulate your dog’s mind and much more interesting for both of you than repetitive ball throwing! For this session you need to bring some treats (including some soft ones, such as meat/cheese) and small a soft/fabric toy to use for tracking.

This session lasts an hour .. 45 mins with me and 15 mins alone with your dog to sniff, run, play or whatever you like to do together. £15

You can also hire the paddock for private events … please call to discuss.