• Holistic Dog Grooming

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    At Bentley’s, grooming takes place in the state-of-the-art “stable salon”. Only one dog is present at a time (unless you…

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  • Positive Puppy School

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    The Positive Puppy School offers a six week course for puppies, starting the course from 10 weeks – 20 weeks…

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  • Behaviour Counselling

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    Behaviour counselling sessions are offered on a 1-2-1 basis. In order to help you and your dog as fully as…

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  • ZOOPHARMACOGNOSY : Applied Canine Pharmacognosy

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    Applied Canine Pharmacognosy is Applied Zoopharmacognosy for dogs. The word Zoopharmacognosy (zoo:animal/pharmaco:remedy/gnosy:knowing) describes the innate ability animals have for self-medicating with natural remedies in…

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  • Sensory Enrichment Garden

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    Our sensory enrichment garden is a wonderful place for dogs to explore and use the environment. It is part of…

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